Santa & D’Sas wines are based in King Valley in NE Victoria, producing Italian varietals and other wine styles for a modern multicultural Australia.

Pattern Range with its distinctive multicultural patterned label graphics showcases our house style of modern winemaking that reflects multicultural Australia and made to compliment the diverse cuisine of our time with finesse, elegance and structure.

The …ish Range is where we think outside the box in our approach to winemaking from a non conventional perspective to create unique wine in character and feel for the consumer. Whether it’s borrowing a winemaking technique from a different wine region or culture such as Chablis to make the Italian grape Fiano or the use of concrete red wine fermenters and storage tanks instead of oak to make wines with softness and elegance without the influence of oak …. something kinda different…ish.

Valentino Range is dedicated to Matthew’s father who migrated to Australia in 1952. It was Valentino’s passion for life and family that continues to inspire Matthew and Andrew in making these wines. These wines are our best representation of very traditionally made Italian white and red varietal wine.